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My wife bought an Executive model Mosquito Magnet in 7/2012. When it arrived, I set it up and used it for the rest of the summer of 2012.

Whether it was effective or not was dubious, but I was willing to try. This year in August, I had been using it again this summer, when I saw the red light on. Closer examination revealed that the regulator hose had been chewed in pieces by what can only be a squirrel. I called the consumer service number, and spoke to "Nicole" who checked to be sure of the date of purchase, and when it was over a year, declined to fix it under warranty.

I stated that I was sure that I could not be the only person who ever had a damage complaint of squirrels, and she said she "hardly had any complaints" like mine. The nearest repair facility is 50 miles away, requiring 2 100 mile round trips, or $40 estimated ups shipping. Plus either $36 or $66 for the service. Am I pissed?

Of course.

I am of the opinion that this machine is a carefully designed scam designed to suck money out of consumers who really want to control insects without chemicals. Won't be fooled again.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Denton, Texas, United States #900835

So you are mad at the company for not fixing damage caused by a squirrel under warranty? So explain how that is the fault of the product or the company!! Sounds like you should send repair bill to the squirrel or get rid of the squirrels.

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