My second unit, the first lasted three years. Caught a lot of Mosquito's.

Bought a new one April 2013, trouble keeping it running. CO2 cleared lines before and after every use, sometimes with two cartridges. Machine starts up occasionally, shuts down in a day or two. Re-positioned, cleaned vents, changed everything including purchasing gauged propane tank valve.

Breakdowns continued. Contacted customer support, no help at all, no suggestions other than the few on the website.

Finally I found a small pin-sized "vent"? hole in the metal device attached to the rubber propane line where it attaches to the propane tank. Used a safety pin to clear that hole and, wallah!!, the machine has now been running for six days!

No info about this in troubleshooting, customer assistance and never heard about it at their customer service.

Catches when it runs, trouble is keeping it running. Never buying another one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mosquito Magnet Website.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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These machines are very unreliable. I have bought two new.

At the third season, neither would start.

I bought three more used ones very cheap and by constant repair and cannibalising I have managed to keep one or two working some of the time, now into sixth season I have one working. (I am an instrument tech by trade)They work very well when they work but are not worth the hassle.To make things worse, the manufacturer will not sell any internal components.

to John.ns #1682167

Same problem with my machine and ni possibility to by spare parts.

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