Boston, Massachusetts

Purchased MOSQUITO MAGNET Independence model last year (their most expensive stand alone model), set it up and it ran for about 4 months. After first frost, I put it away and I now that it is June 2012, I brought the unit out of storage and set it up again for the coming summer months.

Put in new batteries, attached the propane, new attractant, turned it on ... and nothing happened. "Dead as a door nail" so I called Customer Service and all the person on the line could ask was "did you put in new batteries?" and then she told me that unless I could produce my original receipt there was nothing the company could or would do for me. I gave her the serial # and again was told there was nothing she could or would do for me.

She suggested I find a local repair location.

I guess $600 is just chump change these days and the company expects the consumer to just pony up more $$ for any repairs .... BTW, when I asked her to talk me through opening up the unit and servicing it myself, I was told they don't do that "because it's a safety hazard." I suggest anyone thinking about purchasing the MOSQUITO MAGNET think twice !!!

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I had the same exact issue. When I asked to speak to a supervisor the first time, I had to leave a message for them because they did not pick up the call.

When I asked to speak to the supervisor today (which is 10 days after the first time I called) the person told me that the supervisor was busy returning phone calls and that when he/she gets up to my call they will call me back. The product is garbage and they do not back the product at all because they know that it is garbage.

If you like throwing away $600, then this is the product you should buy.

Fairbanks, Alaska, United States #681771

I have four independence units two are 3 years old two were purchased last year. None of them have ever lasted a full season, the batterys are supposed to last a whole season I have to replace them every couple of weeks, if it rains the traps shut off, if its hot during the day the traps shut off, once they shut off they will not restart without new batterys.

These traps are nothing but trouble and customer support is a joke, the last time I called I talked to a women who lived in an apartment who had never seen a mosquito magnet all she had was an owners manual. If you buy one of these units do not expect any loyalty from the company.

West Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States #651757

had the exact same experience

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